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Community Pop-ups. We are introducing communities to Girls Are Powerful by hosting an event in different communities quarterly.  

         In 2018, Girls Are Powerful announced its third annual Workshop Series Summit, Ignite Your Imagination and  Power through Career and Self-Exploration!  

April, May & June | For Girls Ages 7-15 | Location: Saint Paul College


        This year, our four-part Career series took place from 8:30AM to 3PM on these dates:

  • April 28th – Computer Technology                                                                       
  • May 5th – Skilled Trades: Construction, Cabinetry & Carpentry
  • May 19th – Health & Medical Skills / Culinary Arts
  • June 2nd – Art, Design & Communication

           Each workshop highlighted a range of skill sets and career paths to inform and energize our girls about many different professions. The workshop series concluded with a two-day Empowerment Summit on Saturday, September 15th &  September 22nd from 9AM to 3PM!

  • Day 1: Career Day – offering a fun and interactive career day experience.
  • Day 2: Redefining Sisterhood, a self-exploration learning experience about loving themselves and loving others.

              Studies show that career development should begin as early as Kindergarten. Our workshop series addressed topics around career awareness and exploration as well as self-actualization and achievement. Our program content had been designed to cultivate confidence and creativity in our girls while helping them discover new interests and future possibilities.

In 2017, thanks to the financial support of the Timberwolves Fastbreak Grant, we’re furthering our mission to empower girls. We’ll continue to encourage them to love and celebrate their Power of Thoughts, Words, Actions and Character through our “Make a Bold Statement” Community Pop-up Workshops hosted in the following three (3) cities around the Twin Cities:  



Inspired by the following quote: “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny!”

OUR WORKSHOPS OFFER FUN active learning experiences such as role-playing, short writes, brainstorming, problem solving activities, team collaboration and individual reflections which are explored through our three (3) themed activities:

Thoughts to Words: Personalized Affirmations

Words to Actions: Situational Improv

Actions to Character: I AM ME Character Exploration

Make A Bold Statement Empowerment Summit was hosted on September 16, 2017 | Location and Time: TBD.

In 2015-16,
our theme is Celebrate YOU; at this event each girl has the opportunity to visit three power stations that are designed to encourage them to identify their strength, values and belief in their self.  The parents are also invited to participate by attending our discussion circle.


During the Celebrate YOU Event, girls have an opportunity to visit three(3) themed Power Stations where they learn more about what it means to Celebrate themselves through activity and discussion.

Power Station 1:  Embrace Your Power (Powerful & Determined)

Power Station 2:  Believe in Your #Selfie (Beautiful & Confident)

Power Station 3:  What are your Super Powers? (Smart & Unique)

Parent Circle:  As the girls explore the different Power Stations, parents are invited to join in on the fun by learning more about the Girls Are Powerful’s mission and vision and how together we can create a Community of Empowered girls!

Workshops were hosted in the following cities:  Eagan, September 2015 | Hopkins, January 2016  | Hugo, April 2016 | Maplewood, June 2016


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Girl Connect Events. In an effort to keep the momentum going for those girls who have attended one of our community events or workshops, we are offering them a way to continue exploring our power words, through arts, theater, movies and other exciting activities around the Twin Cities.

Past Events:

  • April 2, 2016 :: Improv for Confidence with Huge Theater
  • October 1, 2016 :: Author Connect with Abby Cooper :: Confidence starts with YOU!
  • December 9, 2016 :: Cinderella Performance at the Children’s Theatre 


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