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We offer a series of workshops that align with our Dig DEEP model (Discover their Differences, Acknowledge their Essence, Build their Esteem, Embrace their Power) that encourages girls to love and celebrate their qualities. Our workshops consist of group discussion, role-playing and other related activities and are designed to define and enhance the character of girls by helping them identify their personal power.  Workshops are available in the following formats: Two (2) hours / One (1) session or Six (6) hours / Three(3) sessions.


I AM… Workshop

Two of the most POWERFUL words that you can use, because what you put after them shapes who you are.

This workshop is a lively session where we discuss each of the six power principles and conclude with an inspirational Girls Are Powerful Art Project.  Duration: Two (2) hours / One (1) session


Empowered To BE ME Workshop

This workshop is an extension of our 2-hour workshop where we explore each one of the power principles in more depth by focusing on one power principle per week and reinforcing each principle upon each week’s consecutive gathering.  Duration: Six (6) hours / Three(3) sessions

These workshops have been offered through several Community Education Programs and Youth Organizations in and around the Twin Cities.  

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 To learn more or to schedule a workshop, please contact us at girls@girlsarepowerful.org.


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