Our Programs and Events

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Everyday girls are bombarded with negative images that vie for their self-esteem. Whether through mainstream media, social media networks or the general undercurrents of society, girls now, more than ever, need to know that they are BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, SMART, CONFIDENT, DETERMINED and POWERFUL. Since starting, Girls Are Powerful has been aggressively working to do just that – empower girls and inspire them to embrace their unique qualities.

Girls Are Powerful goal is to create a community of Empowered Girls through our Workshops Community Events and Special Events.  


Our workshop options are available for community education programs, youth organizations / groups as well as private parties.  To learn more about our offerings, please email us at girls@girlsarepowerful.org.

See Past Event Photos

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