community WORKSHOPS

Our Community Workshops encourage all girls to love and celebrate their personal power through group activities designed to develop confidence, self-awareness, and strength of character.

Our Community Workshop series encourages all girls to love and celebrate their personal power through qualitative exercises such as group discussion and role-playing to define and enhance the girls’ character. Covering everything from peer pressure and confidence to self-awareness and self-perception, girls are introduced to six power principles associated with memorable affirmations that any girl can take with her to find strength and inspiration when she needs it most. But it’s not just for kids—Parent Circles are offered at workshops for caregivers to learn and grow, as well.


This first workshop in our series is a lively session where participants are introduced to the six power principles and explore their themes with an inspirational Girls Are Powerful Art Project.


An extension of “Empowered to Be Me,” this session will focus on self-identification as it relates to each power principle.


Building upon the foundation created in the previous two sessions, “Make A Bold Statement” offers interactive learning experiences such as role-playing, short writes, brain-storming, problem-solving activities, team collaboration, and individual reflections that are explored through three themed activities.


This final session completes the Community Workshop series by providing the participants with the opportunity to revisit the power principles and encourage them to identify their strengths and values, and believe in their #selfies.