Create your own COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

A Public Service Announcement, or PSA, is a message for the public with the goal to raise awareness, change attitudes and behavior around a social issue. 

Now it’s time to create your own to help our community fight COVID-19! Here’s how to do it!:

  1. An idea  – When discussing COVID-19, what is something you believe more people should know and/ or be doing more of?  
    • Examples include: handwashing, social distancing, wearing face masks, washing face masks, etc.
  2. Verify it’s true
    • Can you verify that your idea is based on fact? Can you find fact-based information about it on our list of credible resources here
    • Find a second resource and fact-check your idea! This is important!! 
  3. A short message
    • Write a short, catchy message that conveys your idea.
  4. Get participants
    • Ask family and friends to join you and assign them each a word in your message. 
  5. Make signs
    • Ask your participants to print (here) or create their own signs so that everyone has a sign with one word to share.
    • Color them, make them eye catching!
  6. Video call and record OR ask everyone to take a picture and create a collage
    • Get your participants to hop on your favorite video call app. 
    • Hold up your signs.
    • Hit record! 
  7. Share your message! 
    • Share your PSA on your favorite social media (Facebook, TikToc, Instagram, Twitter, etc!) 
    • Don’t forget to #girlsarepowerful #grptogether

 Check out our “In This Together” PSA