Wonder Women Wednesday Feature: Meet Carrie Moore, communication director at WomenVenture, Girls Are Powerful Minnesota Lynx Non-profit of the game Jersey sponsor.

CONFIDENT is Carrie Moore’s favorite power word. “Being confident in your abilities can take you a long way,” says Carrie. “People are drawn to confidence.”

Carrie is the communications director at WomenVenture, a Twin Cities nonprofit that helps entrepreneurial women start and grow small businesses. WomenVenture was eager to support Girls Are Powerful because of their common missions. “When women come to us, they often say ‘I don’t think I can start a business’ or ‘No one is going to give me a small business loan.’ We work to change that narrative and give women the confidence they need to go out there, get a loan and become a successful business owner.”

WomenVenture works hard to inspire women in the same way Girls Are Powerful inspires girls. “As girls grow up and become women, we want them to know that they have the same abilities, the same smarts, as their male counterparts. They should have the same opportunities,” says Carrie.

Today, designations exist such as certified women-owned businesses, and disadvantaged business enterprises. “Women are designated as special interest groups,” says Carrie. “But women are half the population. You cannot be half of the population AND be a special interest group. We have to get out of that way of thinking and into the mindset that female and male business owners are equals. We need to start by empowering girls, and continue doing so throughout their lives until it is no longer an issue.”

That’s why she chose confident as her favorite power word, although determined was a close second. “You have to be determined in order to be successful. But many times, determination comes with confidence. When you’re confident, you can meet any obstacle. And people will take you more seriously.”

WomenVenture proudly supports Girls Are Powerful. “We hope they continue doing the great work they are doing and expand,” says Carrie. “We’d love to see it become a nationwide movement.” WomenVenture sponsored Girls Are Powerful Jersey Night at the Minnesota Lynx.

Proceeds from this sponsorship created a scholarship fund to support our 2019 Fall Programs: The We Are Enough Conference and the Mother-Daughter Fall Overnight Retreat.