Wonder Women Wednesday Feature: Meet Juanita Flowers, owner of Juanita’s Jar. Girls Are Powerful Minnesota Lynx Non-profit of the game Jersey sponsor.

DETERMINED is Junita Flowers’ favorite power word. “We will always face obstacles, there will always be doubters, and fear is an ever-present force,” says Junita. “Determination builds resiliency, creates momentum, and ultimately results in positive outcomes.”

Junita’s mission-driven organization is the perfect example. Junita drew from her family’s delicious cookie recipes to create a company that produces and sells wholesome and satisfying crisp cookies. In addition to selling the tasty snacks, Junita’s Jar uses its signature cookies to spark conversations with college students, with the goal of reducing the shame experienced by victims of relationship violence. These conversations help to create communities of supporters and allies, and to equip students to take action.

As a fellow organization supporting women and girls, “I believe in the Girls Are Powerful mission,” says Junita. “Sponsoring this event is one important way to celebrate their accomplishments and support their growth.”

Proceeds from this sponsorship created a scholarship fund to support our 2019 Fall Programs: The We Are Enough Conference and the Mother-Daughter Fall Overnight Retreat.