Wonder Women Wednesday Feature: Meet Kristi Hemmer, founder of Academy for Women’s Empowerment. Girls Are Powerful Minnesota Lynx Non-profit of the game Jersey sponsor.

POWERFUL is Kristi Hemmer’s favorite power word. “I think the word power is often misunderstood,” says Kristi. Power can be perceived as negative when it’s associated with societal power, or “the power over,” she explains. “It’s a word that needs to be used more comfortably by women, as ‘the power to’ – the power to afford a good life for their children; the power to bring along others in their success; the power to be themselves.”

Kristi even turned her beliefs into a business: The Academy for Women’s Empowerment (puttingwomeninpower.com). “Everything I do is power – power courses, power talks, power trips … We create systemic, courageous curriculum that inspires and teaches women to ‘Take Up Space’ unapologetically. We change mindsets.”

The genesis of Kristi’s business was her background as a teacher, counselor and principal. “For 20 years, I observed how girls and women shrink in the classroom, in a boardroom and in a conversation,” she explains. “I’ve been to over 60 countries, and it’s the same everywhere. I can work with entrepreneurs in El Salvador or billionaires in Tokyo, and the systems and barriers for girls and women are very similar.”

The close alignment of Kristi’s business with Girls Are Powerful, and her longtime friendship with Shawntan Howell, its founder, made her businesses’ sponsorship “a no brainer. I want to show both girls and women that you can own your own power and change the world for good with your power. Take up that space!”

Proceeds from this sponsorship created a scholarship fund to support our 2019 Fall Programs: The We Are Enough Conference and the Mother-Daughter Fall Overnight Retreat.