Wonder Women Wednesday Feature: Meet Sherry Johnson, founder of Cultivate Strategy. Girls Are Powerful Minnesota Lynx Non-profit of the game Jersey sponsor.

POWERFUL is Sherry Johnson’s favorite power word. “So often in our culture, we’re taught to look to someone else to help us fix our problems,” says Sherry. “Especially girls and women, who give up their power to other people in order to appear ‘nice.’”

But Sherry explains that deference, or humble submission to someone else, is damaging. And it’s particularly hard for girls who come from backgrounds in which they feel undervalued or they don’t have good role models. “Our society doesn’t have a lot of ways to recognize the power in being feminine. I want to see girls that are empowered.”

Sherry was excited to meet Shawntan Howell, Girls Are Powerful founder, in a leadership and facilitation course she taught. “We connected pretty deeply, and I had the opportunity to volunteer for the organization as a leadership session facilitator.” Sherry’s business, Cultivate Strategy (cultivatestrategy.com), works with nonprofits and government departments to invoke more inclusive participation in decision making.

Sherry was naturally drawn to Girls Are Powerful. “I used to be an English and theater teacher for high schoolers,” she says. “I am still inspired by and connected with some of the most powerful people I know, who I met at that age.” Sherry believes in the importance of supporting girls and young women ages 6 to 17. “It’s an age group that can make such a difference in the world if they are just empowered to do so by a supportive community.”

Proceeds from this sponsorship created a scholarship fund to support our 2019 Fall Programs: The We Are Enough Conference and the Mother-Daughter Fall Overnight Retreat.