Wonder Women Wednesday Feature: Meet Robyn Frank, Founder/Owner of Thumbs Cookies. On behalf of Six For Good, sponsored Girls Are Powerful Minnesota Lynx Non-profit of the game Jersey.

UNIQUE is Robyn Frank’s favorite power word. “If you can’t do something the best, you can at least do it differently,” says Robyn. “There’s something powerful about that. It’s not about being the best. It’s about doing something in a different and unique way. That’s really important to me as a business.”

Robyn (front row, far right) is the president and CEO of Thumbs Cookies (thumbscookies.com) and one of six business owners in the collaborative Six for Good – a collective boutique featuring six friends from six brands doing good at Rosedale Center. The six businesses all feature their products in the store, and make a difference in their communities and in the world by giving back to their favorite causes.

Sponsoring the Girls Are Powerful Lynx Jersey Night “is in line with our values,” says Robyn. “It demonstrates our support for girls, women and the importance and value of sports. Young men and boys have always benefitted from being part of a team, and I think it’s really cool that more young women are getting to participate in that experience. It teaches you about failure and getting back in the game and trying again.”

Many Six for Good business owners were athletes growing up. “We’ve talked at length about the impact of sports on young people. It teaches team building, speaking up for yourself and not letting ego get in the way. It’s a unique opportunity to teach individuals to be empowered but to also work as a team at the same time.”

“We’re lucky to live in a moment where every norm is being challenged,” Robyn continued. “It gives people the freedom to approach things from a unique perspective – especially creative people. You don’t have to be the best at something; you can think outside the box, and that’s powerful.”

Proceeds from this sponsorship created a scholarship fund to support our 2019 Fall Programs: The We Are Enough Conference and the Mother-Daughter Fall Overnight Retreat.