We are a nonprofit organization and personal transformation movement dedicated to energizing girls and young women to embrace their unique individuality, foster strength of character, and support one another to create a new generation of empowered women.

Here’s how we are supporting our community during COVID-19

For the first time in six years, Girls Are Powerful we will not be getting together this spring to teach our girls to embrace their uniqueness and tap into their power. 

This, however, is an important moment for Girls Are Powerful. Our message applies to the community at large right now: we all need to be reminded of our strength, determination, confidence, intelligence, beauty and power. Everybody needs to focus on self-care and wellness now so that when physical distancing ends, we will be ready. We will be mentally and physically strong enough to help our community recover and rebuild. 

To help our community embrace its power, Girls Are Powerful is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Health to share our message and important information about COVID-19.

As part of this partnership, Girls Are Powerful is launching a communication and wellness campaign focused on community building through empowerment, self care and wellness activities. Through this campaign we will offer tips, tools and practices to help us stay grounded and focus on well-being during this difficult time.

our history

Founded in 2013, Girls Are Powerful is the brainchild of Shawntan Howell, who was frustrated with the lack of cultural appropriateness options available in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area to help girls build healthy self-esteem and awareness of self and others. With her eyes set on a brighter future, she began planning and organizing a movement to teach girls to own their power and embrace their individuality through affirmations, self-reflection, and mutual support.


All are welcome!


Designed to keep girls centered by providing a space where they are reaffirmed and reminded of their power, our key initiatives work towards the realization of our vision “to support and create a generation of girls and young women who are confident, maintain healthy relationships, make positive decisions, and exhibit responsible behaviors by embracing their power.”

Our Volunteers

You don’t have to be a celebrity or CEO to make an impact in girls’ lives—anyone can do it! Volunteering with GRP takes on many forms, from sharing your time and talents with the girls to offering your professional and administrative services to the organization. Join us today!

our Supporters

Help support the creation of a generation of girls and young women who embrace their uniqueness, confidence, intelligence, determination, beauty, and power. Your gifts, big and small, make a huge difference in the lives of girls in our community. Become a Girls Are Powerful supporter!

Our Blog

Learn about us, our events and activities happening around the Twin Cities and the girls who are learning and enjoying them!


Hear what past participants have to say about their experiences with Girls Are Powerful!

“Whenever I think ‘I’m not good enough for this’ or ‘I’m not cut out for this,’ it’s in the back of my mind; ‘No, you can do this if you give it your all.’ That’s been the result of all those power words Girls Are Powerful taught me.” – Miss. N, 16

GRP is a great organization. We joined when my daughter was at a low point in life after being bullied for a whole school year. GRP helped turn my daughter’s self-esteem around and she realized it was OK to be unique and that she is beautiful. Thanks, GRP!!! – Mom

At a workshop, “we got to make posters about who we are as young women, and I got to choose my power word: DETERMINED!”

At Career Day, “We got to explore different careers, and I learned that I can be anything I put my mind to.” – Miss. J, – 10

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