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Our programs align with our Dig DEEP model (Discover their Differences, Acknowledge their Essence, Build their Esteem, Embrace their Power) that encourages girls to love and celebrate their qualities.

Everyday girls are bombarded with negative images that vie for their self-esteem. Whether through mainstream media, social media networks or the general undercurrents of society, girls now, more than ever, need to know that they are BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, SMART, CONFIDENT, DETERMINED and POWERFUL. Since starting,  Girls Are Powerful has been aggressively working to do just that – empower girls and inspire them to embrace their unique qualities.

Girls Are Powerful goal is to create a community of Empowered Girls through our key program initatives: Community Workshops, Youth Conference, Mother-Daughter Events, Girl Connect Activities and Community and Special Events.


Our community workshop series encourages all girls to love and celebrate their personal power through group discussion, role-playing, and other related activities; and is designed to define and enhance the character of girls.

These workshops cover everything from peer pressure and confidence, to self-awareness and self- perception, girls are introduced to six power principles which are associated with memorable affirmations that all girls can take with them to be inspired at any time.


Our conference is designed to bring girls along with their caregivers together for a day of speakers, workshops and activities focused on supporting their personal and educational growth and empowerment.


Our Mother-Daughter events are designed to strengthen the relationships between mothers and daughters through quality time and empowerment activities.


Our Girl Connect events provide girls with additional opportunities to discover, own and celebrate their power through a multitude of experiences that are provided through strong partnerships with organizations and women in the community.