As many of us are spending more time at home amidst the global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to stay active, remain connected, and prioritize self-care.

Join Girls Are Powerful as we come together to rejuvenate our minds and bodies through virtual sessions each Saturday as part of our “Your Wellbeing Matters” series, where we focus on creating space for wellness in our choices, our environment, and in ourselves.



WEEK 6: JUNE 20, 2020

+ Our movement instructor will be Irreducible Grace Foundation, who will lead us in a movement entitled “Breathe Into Your Power.” We will learn breathing exercises to calm the mind and empower the spirit through grace.

+ Our speaker will be Annie Meehan, who will lead a presentation entitled “Exceptional Wellness:The Five Keys to Wellness.” In it, Annie will discuss moving from the fear to the joy of missing out and how to enjoy our mental, physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual health in the midst of the unknown.


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WEEK 5: JUNE 13, 2020

+ Our movement instructor will be Marcus Watson, who will lead us in a 20-minute workout that will cover basic moves to safely do from home in “Taking care of your body during quarantine: Exercises you can do at home to boost your mental and physical health.”

+ Our speaker will be Kjirsten Mickesh, who will teach us about what social and emotional intelligence is, how to develop it, and strategies to incorporate it in everyday life in an interactive workshop for all ages entitled “All the Feels.”

WEEK 4: JUNE 6, 2020

+ Our movement instructor will be Kitana Holland, who will show us how we can be liberated, inspired, and transformed through fitness with “Get L.I.T. Cardio.” We’ll move to Afrobeats, Hip Hop, and more during this workout for all ages.
+ Our speaker will be Kelly Radi, who will talk to us about confidence, success, connection, and positive thinking in a presentation entitled “Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman.”

WEEK 3: MAY 30, 2020

 + Our movement instructor will be Jessica Morrison, who will lead us in “Hula Healing: Bring Joy and Healing Through Movement.” We will learn to move in fun new ways, with or without hula hoops!

+ Our speaker will be Chaz Sandifer, who will lead us in “Meal w/ a Twist,” a live cooking class where we will learn about making an easy, healthy meal and incorporating a fun family workout into our busy lives.

WEEK 2: MAY 23, 2020 

+ Our movement instructor will be Aiyana Machado, who will lead us in “Kumbé dance fitness,” which offers a unique physical and mental workout for all ages and body types using the traditional dance and music of Puerto Rico.

+ Our speaker will be Melissa Taylor, who will lead a talk entitled “Hello BeYOUtiful.” Together we’ll discuss hair, skincare, and your undeniable, unique beauty.

WEEK 1: MAY 16, 2020 

+ Our movement activity will be with Coach Chaz Sandifer who will lead us through Cardio Jam which is a mix of cardio-kickboxing, strength, core and conditioning with some great music to get your body moving.

+ Our speaker will be Dr. Reba Peoples who will discuss, Food For Your Mood: Understanding the Food-Mood Connection. Dr. Peoples will outline the key role that food plays in our emotional health. Although most of us may be aware of the critical role that the food that we eat plays in the way that we feel, many of us may not realize that what we put onto our bodies as well as what we choose to feed our minds and spirits are also just as important in helping us feel our best.