Girls Are Powerful Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is helping us support our community during this difficult time. Their motto: I am safe, I am secure, I am steady. These level-headed and creative young women are actively coming up with fun and creative ideas to keep us motivated and safe during distance learning and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more about their helpful projects below. 

Meet the Youth Advisory Board Members

Evan, 13

I first joined GRP because my mom said I signed you up for a journaling program with GRP! And I went and I liked it everyone was also really nice, and caring. My favorite part of being a YAB member is planning things/gatherings. I also really like taking these opportunities to try new things and YAB is really fun with everyone!

Lizzy, 13

One reason why I joined Girls Are Powerful is because I found a strong need for girls’ advocacy and taking action for what they believe in. My favorite part of being a youth advisory member is you’re apart of a group that plans and decides next future events for girls are powerful.

Clare, 15

I first joined GRP because when I was 8 I went to a Girls Are Powerful meeting and I felt very inspired by what GRP was offering to me. My favorite part about being on the Youth Advisory Board is seeing other people my age being passionate about the same thing I am passionate about.

Tamia, 15

I joined Girls Are Powerful to get out of my comfort zone and to make new friends. My favorite part about being a youth advisory board member is having a safe place to share my ideas.

Jalyn, 16

I joined Girls Are Powerful because I think it has a great message and other girls need to hear it.  My favorite part of being a YAB member is creating and coming up with ideas for programs.


COVID-19 Community Interviews

Our Youth Advisory Board members are putting their journalism skills to the test and will be holding short interviews with frontline individuals facing this pandemic. They will be speaking with a psychiatrist, nurse, teacher, police officer, guidance counselor and others who have had held interesting and difficult jobs during this time. The girls will share their short interviews with us shortly! Check back soon to hear them!

Graduate Send Off

Everyone who is graduating this year be it from middle school, high school or college deserves all the love, attention and congratulations they can get! Graduates are completing a truly impressive milestone and they are doing so under incredibly challenging circumstances. Our Youth Advisory Board recognizes this and wants to do something to acknowledge them.

Challenge Week

We would like to present to you the YAB Challenge Week!!! Each day a member of the Girls are Powerful YAB presented a challenge for you to complete in alignment with the theme of the day.

Me Day – Monday

Together – Tuesday

Workout – Wednesday

Thoughtful – Thursday

Fun – Friday

19 Activities To Do During COVID-19

We’re offering 19 Things to do during COVID-19. Each day we shared 3-5 activities to help us all get through this time. Remember, we are in this together and together we will get through this!

Activities 1 – 10

1. Do some online shopping
2. Meditate
3. Try new hairstyles
4. Call family and friends overseas through WhatsApp! (It’s Free)
5. Mail a birthday, thank you, or thinking of your card to friends/family.
6. Play board games (card games too! i.e. Uno Solitaire, etc.)
7. Take a picture to capture the moment!
8. Have a virtual sleepover with friends and family
9. Try a new art project
10. Give yourself a mani / pedi

Activities 11 – 19

11. Organize something fun!
12. Take an online class
13. Do a Netflix watch party w/ family & friends
14. Explore a new genre of music
15. Take a free virtual tour of a place you want to go!
16. Call your friends (you can you Zoom or Google Hangouts
17. Go on walks with the people you live with
18. Read a book series
19. Learn a new instrument