The Power of a Girl – Issue 1


The Power of a Girl magazine is our latest accomplishment which showcases the impact that Girls Are Powerful has had and continues to have on eight participants’ lives, self-esteem, and well-being. These young ladies crafted the copy for their magazine features, identified inspirational quotes, and had the opportunity to assist in the creative process of their photoshoot.

All proceeds of the magazine sales go toward Girls Are Powerful Programming. 

Shipping within the US is included in the cost of the magazine.

Copyright Ⓒ 2019 The Power of a Girl Magazine is a product of the Girls Are Powerful Organization All Rights Reserved.

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We are very honored to have worked with the girls who made this magazine possible. Whether it’s their first year in the program or fifth, they have contributed immensely to the progress of this organization. With that said, we are proud to introduce you to the following girls of the Power of a Girl - Issue 1:

  • Amara (1st year)
  • Ellie (2nd year)
  • Jordyn (1st year)
  • Kaliyah (1st year)
  • Cadara (2nd year)
  • Clare (4th year)
  • Xylone (2nd year)
  • Jalyn (5th year)


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